Hand Tufted Calgary Blue Wool Rug

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Product Overview

  • SKU : CGR-2306
  • Color: Pale Blue, Dark Blue, White, Ice Blue, Light Beige
  • Material : 100% Recycled PET Yarn
  • Thickness: 0.39"
  • Construction: Hand Tufted



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Product Description

Where Elegance Embraces Eco-Ethics
Welcome to the epitome of eco-luxury! Let's unveil a treasure that promises not just to embellish your home but to transform it. Our exquisite blue stripe rug isn't merely a furnishing; it's the dawn of a design revolution. This iconic piece melds the allure of luxury with the virtues of responsibility. With every thread spun from 100% Recycled PET Yarn, it doesn't just style your space – it speaks volumes about your commitment to our planet.

The First Stride into Sophistication

  • A Palette of Peace: The blues and neutrals whisk you away to a world of calm, offering a tranquil retreat from the daily hustle.

  • Eco Chic: Going green? Here's your chance! This rug elevates any eco-friendly philosophy with its sustainable materials.

  • Touchable Tranquility: Glide your feet over a velvety low pile that promises unending comfort without skimping on posh.

Now, let's navigate through the art of blending lavishness with environmental mindfulness and how this stunning blue rug encapsulates it all.

Crafting the Core: The Rug That Tells a Story
This magnificent floor covering is no accidental triumph. Every stripe is a deliberate stroke of design genius, every hue a carefully chosen note in an opulent melody of colors.

A Hand-Tufted Haven: The Craftsmanship Behind the Comfort
Bask in the luxury of hand-tufted craftsmanship, where the detail in every fiber is as precise as it is passionate. Our rug doesn't merely lie; it stands as a bastion against wear and tear, thanks to its robust canvas backing.

From Bottles to Beauty: The Sustainable Journey

Weaving responsibility into every thread, the transformation from recycled plastic to your elegant blue rug is a journey of conscientious creation.

Underfoot and Understated: The Plushness of Practical Elegance

Discover plush comfort that caresses your steps with a gentle embrace, enhancing the aesthetics without distraction, thanks to the seamless blend of a 0.39-inch pile height with an understated charm.

Continue in Sections:

  • Awash in Blues: The Color Story
    Delving into the psychology of color and how the cool blues and soothing neutrals of the rug can influence your space and mood.

  • The Green Choice: Recycled PET Yarn Explained
    Understanding the materials and why choosing recycled yarn is a triumph for style and sustainability alike.

  • A Study in Durability: Built for Life's Hustle
    Augment longevity with expert tips on how to ensure your rug endures as a centerpiece, as stalwart as it is soft.

Conclusion: Step Into the New Era of Refined Living

In summary, our blue rug is not just a mere accessory — it's a milestone. It's a step, a leap, into a realm where comfort, luxury, and environmental stewardship coalesce to redefine what it means to be at home.

Don't just dream about redefining your space – make it happen. Invite our blue rug into your life and let every step be a testament to your taste and your dedication to Mother Earth.

Rug Care Instructions

Proper care and maintenance of your rugs are essential to ensure their longevity and beauty. Different types of rugs, such as wool, cotton, silk, synthetic, and antique rugs, require specific care instructions.

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